Jackson County, Indiana Climate

Jackson County Indiana ParksJackson County, Indiana has an invigorating climate with strongly marked seasons. As a whole, the climate boasts winters and summers that are moderate in temperatures, and days that extreme temperature ranges occur are rare. The percentage of possible sunshine in Jackson County varies from month to month, with the greatest amount during the summer months. Autumn is favored by many residents as a pleasant time of the year with low humidity and mostly sunny skies.

Certainly the climate in itself is a valuable commodity which plays an important role in the region’s economy. The sun is usually visible about 65 percent of daylight hours on summer days which provides a climate suitable for a variety of crops.

Agricultural interests have taken advantage of the reliable rainfall and temperatures favorable for crop and vegetative growth — and citizens enjoy a variety of activities created by the area’s climate as a year-round recreational haven.

You won’t have a problem getting employees to come here. Getting them to leave is another matter.

Lake in Jackson County, Indiana

Jackson County Indiana Climate at a Glance

Mean Average
January 40º F 23º F 32º F 2.90 in
February 44º F 26º F 36º F 3.30 in
March 56º F 36º F 46º F 4.70 in
April 67º F 45º F 56º F 4.20 in
May 76º F 54º F 65º F 4.60 in
June 83º F 62º F 73º F 3.50 in
July 87º F 67º F 77º F 4.50 in
August 85º F 65º F 76º F 3.50 in
September 80º F 58º F 70º F 3.20 in
October 69º F 45º F 58º F 2.70 in
November 56º F 37º F 47º F 3.70 in
December 45º F 28º F 37º F 3.60 in

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