Career Awareness Activities

The Workforce Partnership is involved in coordinating and assisting with various activities and programs at all five Jackson County school systems. Scheduling is coordinated through educators, administrators and other school officials and dates and times vary according to the individual schools. The following are some of the activities the partnership has been involved with.

Vex RoboticsDiDi Industrial Team
The Jackson County Dream It Do It Industrial Team is comprised of 10 young adults that graduated from local high schools. They have found rewarding and challenging careers in manufacturing back in their own hometown communities. The team members work with all area students to promote the opportunities available in manufacturing careers today and what skill sets will be necessary to attain those careers.
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Job Shadowing
Job Shadowing affords students the opportunity to spend a day shadowing a professional learning about the duties and educational skill requirements needed for that particular job. Assignments can be made during the school year, as well as, during the summer. The program is open to all high school students. More information is available in school guidance departments.

Educator Internship
The Educator Internship is a program designed to establish interaction between educators and industry. The goal is to give educators an opportunity to visit companies in the area exposing them to workplace skill requirements including technical and interpersonal. This also gives business an opportunity to learn about current curriculum being taught in the schools, concerns/issues of the educators, and ways they can assist the educators in preparing students for the workforce. The program is conducted during the school year. This internship is open to educators, guidance counselors, and administrators in all Jackson County schools.

Senior Interviews
Professional mock interviews are coordinated at all high schools in Jackson County for senior students. Business people throughout the community assist in this activity affording students the opportunity to
participate in an interview process preparing them for future “real” interviews. Dates and times are coordinated at each high school.

Senior Interviews

Career Days-Classroom Speakers-Tours
Career days, classroom speakers, and company tours are scheduled for schools in Jackson County throughout the school year. Whether career days are set up as booth displays or classroom presentations, students are given the opportunity to see, hear and read about the countless career opportunities available to them in Jackson County. Representatives from the various businesses and industries present their expertise to the students with company displays and product or service, job opportunities, educational attainment needed, and a great opportunity for business/education interaction. Company tours compliment the in-school activities by allowing students to visit businesses and see production in action.

iPOD Day
The first Industry Possibility and Opportunity Day was held in 2008 with Jackson County companies participating in a manufacturing career awareness day held in the Seymour High School auxiliary gym. Manufacturing companies as well as educational institutions set up booth space marketing their company and speaking with students from six high schools about career opportunities and the training and skill levels needed for employment. iPOD day is scheduled to be an annual event.

For more information about current activities and programs and how we can help, contact the JCIDC Workforce Partnership office.