Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation (JCIDC) hosted its annual reception with a “Reports, Reviews & Rewards” luncheon at the Pines Evergreen Room on Sept. 9, 2016.

The “Reports” part of the event featured Gerry Dick, President  of Grow Indiana Media Ventures, and Host and Creator of Inside Indiana Business, who spoke about the Indiana economy, which he said was growing in a big and positive way.

Jim Plump gave the “Reviews” portion with a brief speech on the Jackson County economy, pointing out that Jackson County industries continue to invest in their future here, and in the future of our entire region. Plump noted that since the downturn of 2009, more than three-quarters of a billion dollars has been invested in Jackson County. In addition, industrial employment totals have continued to rise and surpass the “pre-downturn” levels, and wages as well continue to increase at a steady level.

Darren Wildman, manager of Cummins Seymour Engine Plant, was honored during the “Rewards” portion at the end of the event with an appreciation plaque for his outstanding effort and leadership in the growth of the Seymour Engine Plant, and his help in improving the workforce and educational opportunities through the Jackson County Education Coalition.


Kevin Gabbard, JCIDC president, Gerry Dick, Chuck Martindale of Hoosier Energy, and Darren Wildman, manager Cummins Seymour Engine Plant